finally, leo :’)

hearing about Leonardo’s first Oscar in the middle of my midterms studying definitely gave me an extra boost and I can’t help but go search for his acceptance speech.  it’s finally here and i feel like he deserves more than one oscar for all his amazing past works but yeah finally! :’)

Good-looking people definitely have an edge over others in terms of capturing attention because people naturally want to watch them, which really helps actors/models in their job. The entertainment industry is flooded with countless attractive people but i feel that only a small proportion fully utilised their x factor, good looks and charms to the fullest, in the most meaningful way possible. And Leonardo DiCaprio in my opinion is the perfect example for someone who knows how to play his strengths for a greater good.

First Oscar after a decade and he set aside his speech to raise awareness about climate change. He’s the kind of actor that I would respect and admire. ❤



it will be okay my dear

Feeling so urgh from all the deadlines and projects and midterms that are messing up my life, messing up my priorities. 😦

4 academic years, 8 semesters of the same struggles. I have found my way around it especially after a few semesters of exam extremes, and decided to look at the bigger picture. And as much as I am aware of the dangers of tunnel vision, and I have to remind myself once in a while to step back and relax. It’s still difficult at some point because I just am not the type to give up and not do anything about my responsibilities.

Like today.

Sometimes I wonder whether it is worth it to be in a competitive course like this, where the standards are so high and at times I completely feel way below the bar. It affects the confidence and the standards I used to have for myself and it just isn’t good, this stress. I can only hope that this is a hurdle I have to get past and learn how to strive in such environments, and that it will come in handy in the future.

Okay back to my project. For my meeting tomorrow even though I’m not in the best situation to do any studying.

bubble wraps

the moon is shining so brightly outside now, and it’s a full full moon. 🙂

since the beginning of my blogging stint i’ve never really liked wordpress. however i got to admit that it has advanced so much! in an unexpectedly good way and i wonder if the improvements are recent. i really love how their themes resemble those in tumblr, it definitely gives me more flexibility and room to design my templates. even though i’m used to blogger and can get around customising my templates, i gotta say wordpress seems like a good switch for now. who knows?

and that’s the reason for this first post, to try wordpress out 🙂

On my homepage today:

“Ask yourself, who do you want to be? Figure out for yourself what makes you happy, no matter how crazy it may sound to other people.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger