January 2016



No wilderness, no revelations


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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Post title inspired from a Ted video I just watched.

I find it quite coincidental that my tagline above coincides with this phrase I’m trying to figure out ’cause of something.

What does it really mean to “just follow your heart as to what is more important to you”?  My tagline happened to tell me to go with all my heart wherever I go. But what my heart wants and what my mind wants and what my conscience wants… are not really the same.

Maybe I really need to go into some wilderness soon.


18:22 PM


coffee and crackers

9 mar

Now is definitely not the best time to blog but I realised that I have the most to write about when I’m studying and don’t generally have the time to do what I want to do. I slept at 4am yesterday. Today was epic but good in a way because it forces things to get done. And oh, I now confirm that the trick to napping to last an all-nighter without affecting your concentration is to sleep in multiples of 1.5 hours. When I woke up at 8:30AM today, I’m so happy that I didn’t feel like I didn’t sleep much. I felt like I slept my normal hours.

I need to figure out a way to not overspend my time on one thing when it could, and should be completed within a much shorter time. I tend to use as much time as I’m allowed to work on something such that if you suddenly give me an immediate deadline in say 4 hours, I’d probably be able to complete everything I need in that 4 hours and still produce the same result if I spent that free-will 8 hours or something. It’s so bad. ‘Cause I kind of want to enjoy the process in getting all the facts right and understanding everything in details (which of course takes up time), but most of the time we don’t have that luxury, do we?

Anyway, someone needs to advise me if drinking instant coffee every day is okay for my body, for the past say 2 weeks? I looked at the ingredients and the ranking in which anything coffee-related is placed at the LAST spot. Like woah, am I even drinking coffee.

Hate that my body and health is being sacrificed a little during this hell week but my break will be arriving pretty soon! Really can’t wait for this weekend, and to be honest, being so busy makes me feel like I’ve completed a lot of things. In the meantime, I guess it revs up my studying engine already, all prepared to hit the goal for Finals already ey?


Grammar mistakes up there but forgive me. Too bz to care about grammar. Ciao!

P.S SO HAPPY I BOUGHT NEW HIGHLIGHTERS AND NOTEBOOKS. The motivation my new cleanser and shampoo give me is a-ma-zing.

P.P.S Okay my 2 midterms results are out (wew so efficient this sem yay) so good luck to me!

Crunch time



The past week was terrible, especially Friday. But I’m so thankful to have friends and family around me to remind me that certain obstacles are just there momentarily and I have got to stop worrying over something that’s already done. Time is something I will never get back. So instead of using the present and future minutes of my life negatively, move on and sprint towards positivity already.

I really needed a good break in times like these and I think I got a fairly reasonable one in between pockets of time during the weekends. My body clock is screwed sian. All the late nights plus coffee at random hours. The break is defintely not enough but I have to keep going. Thankful for the little bit of family time yesterday which really helped me take a step back at everything studies/midterms/projects related. It was such bliss to be at home, watching TV with my brothers and enjoying my meals and of course, my bed.

I’m thankful for Hall Life 🙂 Haven’t really got the time and mood to talk about this new experience in my Uni life but I will one day. I like my little space in this part of school, I like that I have neighbours that I can visit and who will also visit me so often. Men are by nature social animals and the presence of supportive friends and schoolmates around you should not be underestimated! I really love my room in the day because that’s when the natural sunlight shines through and I love studying with natural light. Somehow I can focus better and am more present in that moment under the sun. (I’m pretty sure this can be scientifically backed up. Something about the sun signalling something to our body and chemicals react etc heh). And of course I really am thankful for the friends I’ve made in my wing! Hall life has been most exciting during the IHG period and it wasn’t just the games, but the whole atmosphere in hall was just sizzling. Nothing like the unity through sports. Nothing. Although IHG can be comparable to B’Division, I remember having a conversation with a friend and concluding that the peak of the competitive sports scene has to be B’Division. The other divisions are just different and less pure already.

Alright, I’m really happy to be grocery shopping now and then too because I stay in Hall. I just did today and stocked up on snacks and my favorite meiji yoghurt. Woohoo, and I am also super happy with my FaceShop purchase! My love for anything Korean is coming back.