Crunch time



The past week was terrible, especially Friday. But I’m so thankful to have friends and family around me to remind me that certain obstacles are just there momentarily and I have got to stop worrying over something that’s already done. Time is something I will never get back. So instead of using the present and future minutes of my life negatively, move on and sprint towards positivity already.

I really needed a good break in times like these and I think I got a fairly reasonable one in between pockets of time during the weekends. My body clock is screwed sian. All the late nights plus coffee at random hours. The break is defintely not enough but I have to keep going. Thankful for the little bit of family time yesterday which really helped me take a step back at everything studies/midterms/projects related. It was such bliss to be at home, watching TV with my brothers and enjoying my meals and of course, my bed.

I’m thankful for Hall Life 🙂 Haven’t really got the time and mood to talk about this new experience in my Uni life but I will one day. I like my little space in this part of school, I like that I have neighbours that I can visit and who will also visit me so often. Men are by nature social animals and the presence of supportive friends and schoolmates around you should not be underestimated! I really love my room in the day because that’s when the natural sunlight shines through and I love studying with natural light. Somehow I can focus better and am more present in that moment under the sun. (I’m pretty sure this can be scientifically backed up. Something about the sun signalling something to our body and chemicals react etc heh). And of course I really am thankful for the friends I’ve made in my wing! Hall life has been most exciting during the IHG period and it wasn’t just the games, but the whole atmosphere in hall was just sizzling. Nothing like the unity through sports. Nothing. Although IHG can be comparable to B’Division, I remember having a conversation with a friend and concluding that the peak of the competitive sports scene has to be B’Division. The other divisions are just different and less pure already.

Alright, I’m really happy to be grocery shopping now and then too because I stay in Hall. I just did today and stocked up on snacks and my favorite meiji yoghurt. Woohoo, and I am also super happy with my FaceShop purchase! My love for anything Korean is coming back.



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