I really like this video. I feel that I can relate to all the things she’s talking about, and my past two-three years of life have exactly been like what she described. One day I’d like to summarise all of that and express my views on it.

It’s down to one more lesson in my whole NUS journey. It’s really such a happy feeling, genuinely, and I’ve never felt so energised, and I’ve never felt such sense of accomplishment to such intensity. This semester taught me so much, and I’m very very happy that I’m able to finally understand my place here in NUS. It’s such a sweet pleasant way of ending my university experience here.

I’ve lost count of the number of presentations and projects I’ve worked on this semester, the number of tests and the number of times I’ve revised for something, in good quality. I may still not be able to produce fantastic results compared to my peers, but I am proud of myself. It’s to a certain point where I feel like I’m so well-trained and well-practiced in managing how to juggle things when everything clashes together. I feel like I’ve experienced the worst anything or any deadlines could get. And by surviving it, and by learning to calm down and still find peace amidst all these things to even enjoy the process, is one of my best takeaways. And it is something extremely important for me, a crucial growth in my journey I guess.

🙂 I might feel sad that all these will end, for real. What I’ve complained and ranted about in the past, will finally come to a full stop. But for now, I am happy to see where I’ve come from and I am ready to close this chapter. Was thinking about this on my walk back to hall, and that is that I will miss school life very much, as always. The almost taken-for-granted ease of meeting new people, the times we spend mugging for tests and exams with our friends and cheering each other on, the fact that we are all fighting almost the same battles. The exciting part of having so many events and activities in school, the exciting part of joining this or that, the exciting part of always learning something everyday. The exciting part of exchanging discussions with people about school, life, purposes, careers, our ultimate goal. How despite how tough being a university student is, each and every one of us are carving our own path to ultimately understand who we are and who we want to be. We have a bright future waiting for us.

University is definitely a defining period of your life and you will emerge out of it as a person so different than when you were only a freshmen. I cannot thank University for throwing me the challenges which ultimately made me stronger and more mature. I am thankful for my experiences and I am thankful that in my final semester, I am finally able to find my peace and what I needed, to close this chapter on a good note. All this suffice.

Alright, back to my one last presentation today, for my final lesson in the semester!


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