Today is going to be a good day. You know it when you wake up and don’t feel tied up by expectations of anyone, by the haunting thoughts that what you posted the previous night will make people like you less or more. You are just facing each brand new day with hope and more hope, more future possibilities and areas to conquer.

Still don’t think I’m fully recovered from that minor food poisoning. I find it funny how I’ve survived all the road trips and unhygienic environment, peeing along the roadsides because in Xinjiang, there are not enough tourists for them to build a public toilet every few hundred kilometres… but on the very last day, i had to suffer from food poisoning due to this stupid steamboat in a CITY (??!). I am never gonna eat steamboat overseas anymore, never liked it anyway I don’t know why so many famous people go there. My home steamboat is better. I puked on that very day in the airport before checking in. But like what my brother and dad said, if I don’t feel 100% well it means that maybe I’ve not puked finished everything. I really hate puking. But I thought I’ve puked most of it out and i secretly wished the rest will just digested by itself so that I can pass it out. But I don’t think so. The next day night after a normal meal i felt that uneasiness again. Sianz, ate more bochaipills and then went to sleep. I think i’m okay if i eat light meals. Went to research a bit and they said food poisoning can be recovered after a few days without medication. I just hope that i will fully recover and there will be no remaining food poison stuck in my stomach…

On another note, I have officially concluded all my big-ticket travels! It’s been really fun and enriching I have to say. I am surprised to find myself saying “I have travelled enough” too for now. Everything in moderation aye? And this also means I have a lot a lot of overdue photos for me to sort and arrange and update. Hahahaha it’s really a lot. I shall spend the remaining time doing that, and I am also going to reorganise my life a bit. I am also hopefully able to find ways to rearrange my room to welcome the new phase of my life. And also get some part time jobs, in my areas of interest.

Okay! Yesterday was a really happy day because I spent the whole day unpacking and using my Spotify again! And youtubing. It was so fun.


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