I admit

Everybody has wants, which they either don’t have or can’t have.

Woke up from a bad dream… no idea why did I even dream of the subjects involved. But I guess it prompted me to pen these.

I really miss going out on dates and spending my abundant time now with someone special. It’s annoying because I really have a lot of time now, not like a few years ago when my holidays are held up by my responsibilities e.g. internships, or when the other party is tied up too by other responsibilities. Not that I don’t have any responsibilities now but this is honestly the last big break that I have? I miss spending my free time having someone to bake for, to plan surprises, to dress up specially for… and a lot more. I know I can spend this time with my friends too, and I am going to use this time to finally catch up!!! but spending it with a special someone is different. And I miss that. I just hope that I get to experience it again. A love that is free and not restricted, when both our priority is each other’s happiness and well-being at the same time.

Part of me is really really afraid that I won’t get to experience it.

Feel like i’m missing out on an experience that will teach me a lot, which I need to learn at this age.

I should be spending this time travelling and exploring places and experiencing what it’s like to be together for more than 24 hours.

But it’s okay, didn’t realise that I’ve been single for close to 2 years now. It’s good that I am too.


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